About Karen

Hi, I’m Karen and I love to craft. I remember sitting on a stool besideKaren my grandma learning to knit, and my Mum was rarely without her knitting needles in the evenings. She also had a wonderful sewing machine that folded away inside itself. Sorting buttons and the ‘sewing box’ out was a favourite pastime particularly on wet days. I enjoyed making my own cloths as a teenager and had my own style, not always wanting ‘girlie’ dresses from the shops. My dolls had an enormous wardrobe, mum used to make them with her machine and I did the hand sewing, something I love doing today.

I have three grown up boys who wore hand made dungarees and knitted jumpers. But once I went back to work there just wasn’t the time. However I was a teacher so my creative needs were used in the classroom. There was always some ongoing creative project, some more successful that others. In my mind its a sad classroom that doesn’t have a wall of paintings or similar.

My youngest son did Textiles as one of his GCSE subjects, I really enjoyed making his final project for him! His ideas but my creation.

Stampin’ Up came to the market in England as I was setting off on a year out, living in a narrow-boat travelling the country and yes I had a box of craft stuff, balls of wool, needles and crocheting hook in 2, maybe 3 boxes stashed under one of the bunks. (they were large boxes!) There was so much inspiration and those few craft shops on the canal system of this country were all found.

On returning to terra-firma I continued crafting and eventually signed up as a Stamin’ Up demonstrator. It solved my biggest problem and that is matching up ribbons, buttons, card and ink. It used to take me ages to make one thing as I spent more time looking for bits that matched than I did creating. I met Elaine when she was the only attendee at a class I was running and we just hit it off.

Our Creative Den is something I have dreamed of having for years its a bit like that roses round the door cottage other people want. I feel very lucky. My youngest son has pushed me to do this and my husband has been right behind me all the way, without them I wouldn’t have taken this plunge.