About Elaine

elaineHi my name is Elaine Baines, I’m a craft-aholic and have been almost all of my life!  My earliest memory of crafting is being a 4 year old child making spill holders out of empty pea cans covered with wall paper as Christmas gifts for my male relatives.  I learnt to knit when I was 8 years old and could follow knitting patterns by the time I was 10.  My interest in all things creative continued and I dabbled in lots of different genres.  Dressmaking, embroidery, crochet, rag rugging, tapestry, cross stitch, quilting, paper crafts, stamping, scrapbooking, and the list just goes on ………
Knitting has always been my return to craft and my children always had handmade woollies along with handmade clothes! Little did they realise that they were sporting bespoke, designer wear.

My children grew up in a home with a mother who loved to ‘make’ and they all have a practical side to their personalities. My youngest son was quite a handful when young, always on the go.  So just to allow myself some ‘me time’ I taught him to finger knit and he would sit for hours making miles of chains whilst I got my craft fix! The best thing was every night when he went to bed I would pull the chains back ready for the next day, poor child he never did get to complete that ball of yarn!

My love of colour and texture was supported when I worked in haberdashery shops and a knitting shop.  Needless to say when I worked in those stores I never went home with a full pay packet! All of you who are fellow crafters know the importance of ‘stashes’ whether they are paper, stamps, yarn, fabric, buttons etc. we all have that in common.

I’d better tell you a bit about me now, I’m a 50 something as previously admitted, I’m single and have 3 grown up children and 5 beautiful grandchildren, and yes they all have Nanna’s handmade items! I’m a Registered Nurse by profession and I still work as a Nurse on a part time basis. The last 15 years of my professional life has been in Clinical Management working as part of a senior management team in Elderly and Palliative Care. Crafting kept me sane over those years and a welcome break from professional responsibility and all the challenges those positions bring.

I started getting a real interest in paper crafting in the mid 90’s dabbling here and there.  By 2000 I was hooked and trekked all over the place to buy stamps, inks, paper, accessories etc. to make a variety of items.  I would regularly trek to Skipton to The Stamp Man, Oswaltwistle Mill, Samuel Taylors and anywhere that was holding a workshop that interested me. Magazines like Rubber Stamper had a lot to answer for and I would wait anxiously for the next edition to be available, scanning the projects and buying the items to complete them.  Then there was the craft shows Harrogate, Birmingham, London, Leeds and many, many more. Returning home with the next new technique, glitter and enthusiasm! There’s something satisfying about creating a beautiful card, home décor item or special gift box from a piece of flat cardstock and seeing it come to life! I still get a buzz from creating and still have a head full of ideas.

In 2013 I found Stampin Up and my crafty friend and now business partner, Karen Watts, she was a demo for Stampin Up and I became one of her team.  Being a Stampin Up demo has allowed me to make new friends, gain more skills and experience and feeds the creative me. It also brought Karen and me together and we have built a firm friendship around our love of all things crafty.

So with our love of crafts and all the experience both Karen and I have we decided to full fill a dream both of us had to open our own Craft Studio and facilitate others to enjoy the pleasure of creating using colour, ink, paper, yarn and whatever to express the creative ‘you’

We want Our Creative Den to be a place where you can come leave the stresses and strains of everyday life behind for a few hours, rejuvenate and feed the inner you, go home with a beautiful item and look forward to coming together again.  Crafting is about people and is a social event and of course there is always the tea, coffee and cake! Happy Crafting