Project Life

On Wednesday 26th we have a Project Life session in the Den. It is for those who know and use Project Life, as well as those who are totally new to it.

What is Project Life. Ask 6 people and you will get six answers! For me the tag line is fun, fast and fuss free.  Project Life is a way of recording those wonderful moments. Its the modern update of….my grandparents black page photograph albums with white ink writing,    the 60’s saw the invention of clear cling pages that kept our photographs in place, then the flip pocket albums etc.

Project gives you a way of storing your photographs and journalling along side, you can capture the funny remark, the name of the unforgettable place, important dates, anecdotes and everything else. I add train tickets, leaflets, bar cards and other paper ephemera. I even have a flower from a real cotton plant and a seed head. So yes Project Life is versatile.

This link is a good read from the photographer  Mike Yost about the digital age and whats happening to our photographs here

Join us on the 26th and start your project for the winter. Use our Facebook page link to book.





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